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Cond Nast Traveler Magazine SeptemberOctober 2018 Volume VI Truth in Travel Eastern Express

Train Journeys

Train Journeys

The Best Sleeper Trains in the World

Veteran train traveler Monisha Rajesh breaks down the best carriers and routes, from India to Scotland.
News & Advice

Here's How to Score a Free Amtrak Ticket in New York This Winter

Kick off 2024 with a winter train trip to Niagara Falls, Croton on the Hudson, or Saratoga Springs.
News & Advice

What Travelers Need to Know About Mexico's New Train, 'El Tren Maya'

The massive railway project has made many promises—but there's a lot to consider before hopping onboard.
Train Journeys

California Is Getting ‘World-Class’ High-Speed Trains

Historic federal funding will bring US train travel one step closer to the high-speed rail systems of Europe and Asia.
Train Journeys

You Can Visit the Italian Riviera on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Starting Summer 2024

For the first time ever, travelers can journey from Paris to Portofino aboard the glamorous train.

What Does the Phrase “Slow Travel” Actually Mean? 

To travel slowly is about more than just speed. 
Train Journeys

Amtrak Announced a Major Upgrade to Its Fleet, With Sleek New ‘Amtrak Airo’ Trains Rolling Out Across the U.S. in 2026

The new trains will have spacious interiors, ergonomic seats, and a revamped café car. 
Train Journeys

A Peek Inside the New Orient Express Train Reveals It’s More Glamorous Than Ever

The refurbished train has sumptuous interiors with modern flair, plus perks like round suites and Champagne call buttons.
Women Who Travel

Women Who Travel Podcast: Train Tripping Around India With Author Monisha Rajesh

Host Lale Arikoglu and Rajesh explore the joys of train travel—and hear from listeners about their own rail journeys.

How to Pack for Overnight Train Trips: Everything First-Timers Should Know

Including how to get a good night's sleep in economy.
Train Journeys

Meet the Retirees Who Serve as Volunteer Guides on Amtrak Trains

After a two-year pause because of COVID, Trails & Rails volunteers are back onboard Amtrak trains to talk about the history, geology, and national parks out the window.
Train Journeys

Buy One Train Ticket, Get One Free During Amtrak’s Valentine’s Day Sale

The sale runs through February 16 for travel from March through August. 
Train Journeys

A New Version of the Orient Express Train Is Coming to Italy in 2023

The Orient Express ‘La Dolce Vita’ will whisk travelers through 14 Italian regions as well as Istanbul, Paris, and Croatia.
Train Journeys

What Train Travel Looks Like for British Royals

The British Royal Train is just as exclusive as it sounds.
Train Journeys

Europe Is Undergoing a Sleeper Train Renaissance

A bevy of new sleeper trains are cropping up throughout the region—and offering perks like spacious beds, room service, and craft cocktails.
Train Journeys

A Guide to the Eurail Pass: What to Know About Train Travel in Europe

The multi-stop rail ticket is an iconic and budget-friendly way to tour Europe—as long as you're maximizing the perks.
Train Journeys

Train Travel in the U.S. Is Getting More Luxurious

Upscale sight-seeing tours, new products from Amtrak, and planned high-speed routes are making U.S. train travel more comfortable and convenient.
Train Journeys

Train Travel With Kids: Tips for a Smooth Journey from Parents and Travel Experts

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teens.
Train Journeys

Meet the U.S. Tourists Who Only Travel by Train

For these frequent travelers, a rail journey tops any other mode of transport.
Train Journeys

How Pullman Porters Influenced a Generation of Black Train Travelers

Aside from assisting passengers, these train workers did everything from disseminating Black newspapers to training young employees.