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Las Vegas
Courtesy Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel Guide

We say the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who love Las Vegas, and those who don't know they love it—yet. The trick is to surrender without guilt. Whether you're there to gamble, eat, or see Gaga, do yourself a favor, and don't look at the time.

Plan Your Las Vegas Trip

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas: First In
With pool-side music festivals and decor inspired by the Mojave Desert, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is bringing the city's cool factor way up.
COVID Has Transformed Las Vegas' Glamorous Restaurants
The Vegas buffet is dead, long live the Vegas buffet.
15 Best Hotels in Las Vegas
The city’s hotel scene is its own beast—which means there's something to please everyone.
Actually, You Can Take a Detox Trip in Las Vegas
Get your adrenaline thrills from the great outdoors—instead of the casino floor.
The Best Rental Homes and Airbnbs in Las Vegas
From a penthouse with Bellagio views to family-friendly homes with pools, there’s more to Sin City than its famed hotels.

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The Iconic Appeal of Las Vegas's Wedding Chapels
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The 5 Best Hikes Near Las Vegas: Red Rocks, Joshua Trees, and Dreamy Desert Views 
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The Weekend Guide: Neon Signs, Red-Rock Hikes, and Tiki Cocktails in Las Vegas
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Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks in Las Vegas
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How Cosme's Chefs Are Rethinking Their Dishes for Elio Las Vegas
Enrique Olvera and Daniela Sotto-Ines are pushing Vegas' food scene forward at their Mexican-inflected hotel restaurant, Elio. 
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How Las Vegas—A City Built on Tourism—Is Dealing With the Coronavirus Outbreak
All casinos are to be shut down immediately after an edict from the governor.